Mission Statement: Educate school children and the general public, through both static and interactive displays depicting past military technological changes and inventions that affect our daily lives today.

Background: Discoveries in military technology have invariably lead to significant changes in the daily lives of all human beings throughout the ages. Exponential leaps in military technology have occurred since WWI which have shaped everything from something as significant as the 1969 moon landing to something as minor as slang phrases that we use in our everyday language. Quite often, the traditional public school system is not aware of, and does not teach how these technological origins have significantly shaped the lives of our general public.

Overall Focus: Over the last 35 years, the Military Technology Museum of New Jersey has amassed one of the largest and rarest collections of both static and operating military vehicles and equipment in the world. Our focus is to tell this technological story of the military development of innovative products that affect daily civilian life. These products are related to specific time periods (such as the WWII development of synthetic rubber, aerosol cans, plasma, nylon, rayon, food, the internet, vehicles and more).


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